Over the years we’ve been fortunate to be entertained by thousands of great movies, but there are those that have really made an impact upon movie buffs. Our list includes those films that are frequently talked about, despite some being decades old.

When we watch previews of movies that we’re interested in, that creates a high level of anticipation…

So much anticipation, we actually countdown the days until the premieres, especially for sequels.

A good movie is a perfect complement to a romantic dinner for two on-date nights.

This combination is known as a “Dinner and a Movie!”

While there are several great movies, we had a tough time trying to narrow down to select our top 10…

Here’s our list of the ten most popular movies of all time:

1)) The Godfather

2)) The Wizard Of Oz

3)) Gone With The Wind

4)) Jurassic Park

5)) Forrest Gump

6)) Star Wars

7)) E.T.

8)) The Lord Of The Rings

9)) Titanic

10)) Rocky

You’ve just learned about the Top 10 Most Popular Movies Of All Time

This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the great movies that have been produced; we know there are thousands available for our viewing pleasure. If you haven’t seen all of the movies on our top 10 list, you are missing out!

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